DZ Gold Coast Bike Park, Hong Kong

Did you know that there is a bike park in Hong Kong? The DZ Gold Coast Bike Park is located in So Kwun Wat, Hong Kong and welcomes all levels of riders.

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I spoke with Asa Li about the park, he writes:

At the beginning of 2010, six mountain bike lovers volunteered to jointly set up a mountain bike park in So Kwun Wat (Tuen Mun, Hong Kong) with their own money. They rented a piece of land and bought the materials needed for constructing the park. However, the number of attendance failed to reach their expectation. Being further held up by other rental/financial problems, the park was finally closed in fall 2010.

At the beginning of 2011, these bike lovers get back together again and have successfully bargained a lower rent with the landlord and the rent is now shared by eight to nine bike lovers. They run the park at their own expenses so that all other bikers can use the park for free. What these bike lovers want is to keep this one and only mountain bike park alive in Hong Kong.

Just feel free to share. This is our spirit of this small park and at this small city Hong Kong. Welcome to visit HK someday!!

They say that their mission is “To get Hong Kong on 2 wheels!”

I can really relate with those behind the bike park. While we are fortunate enough in Australia to have land to build trails on, motivating people to come out and dig is often a challenging task. This group of people not only build trails for others to enjoy, but pay for the rental of the property out of the own pocket and then allow others to ride for free!

This is one of the best examples of bike passion I’ve ever seen. I was so impressed when I read the story that I had to spread the word. If I’m ever in Hong Kong, I’ll definitely have to bring a bike. Keep up the good work, and ride on Hong Kong!

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