I’m Jase Rodley. I’m a bike addict, but I’m more than keen on computers too.

I’ve worked on and ran my fair share of websites in the past, but for some reason they have never been about my true passion – bikes. It’s always random projects for myself, a job for some cash on the side or something for a friend. This time it’s about what is real to me.

The name of this blog has a little story behind it I guess. During school I was always riding bikes. I’d ride to school, I’d ride around at school. My “image” at school was always somehow related to bikes. I had some friends that did the same – maybe not as keen on bikes as me but they’d still ride them to school from time to time and we’d have our fun.

I’d met a friend who was into bikes at school too, along with making websites. After we hadn’t really spoken much over the years I came across him on the internet – as it turns out he now has his own clothing label – Dishonour. It’s a BMX brand, and although I don’t ride a BMX anymore, and realistically wasn’t ever that good at riding them anyway, his hoodie summed up what we should all be doing more of – “ride more bikes“. I bought one.

As it turns out, James was once telling me how back in the day my friends and I riding around used to really get him stoked on riding. Nowadays, I get stoked checking out his photobook or his Facebook account too.

Ultimately that’s what I love about bikes. We all have different disciplines, but there’s always a bit of an overlap. Even though I’m not a roadie for example, the technology that they run still amazes me, and although I’m not a BMXer, the tricks they pull make my jaw drop.

So there it is. Welcome to ride more bikes. I don’t promise anything from this blog, I just hope you find it enjoyable. Thanks for reading.